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eihbank adjustment of interest rates for term deposits banks from 1st of February 2024

We kindly inform our esteemed correspondent banking partners about an adjustment of interest rates for term deposit.

With immediate effect eihbank increases the interest rates for term deposits for their correspondent banking partners as follows: 

For fresh money, i.e. funds that not have been deposited in an account with eihbank before 31.01.2024, eihbank will grant an interest rate of 2.0 % p.a.

For funds, that have been deposited in an account with eihbank before 31.01.2024, eihbank will grant an interest rate of 1.5 % p.a. eihbank is accepting placements of max. 50 % of the total amount the correspondent banking partner already deposited in current accounts with eihbank on 31.01.2024.

The standard term for all deposits is 6 months. This offer is valid until 20.03.2024. The individual transaction is subject to an approval of eihbanks internal authorities. 

In case of any questions in this context please contact eihbanks correspondent banking department (bankrelations@eihbank.de). Orders are to be sent to eihbanks treasury department (treasury-bo@eihbank.de).

eihbank AG Annual Report 2022

In the 2022 financial year, eihbank AG succeeded in significantly increasing its business result for the third time in a row. It is particularly noteworthy, given this has been achieved despite ongoing difficult economic, political and social conditions. Under the positive influence of the change in direction of the interest rate, the annual surplus for the 2022 financial year is EUR 4,263 thousand.

This and all other information on the 2022 financial year is available in the eihbank AG Annual Report 2022, which we are again pleased to provide digitally via the following link:

Reports – Europäisch-Iranische Handelsbank AG (eihbank.de)

We hope you enjoy reading our 2022 Annual Report and look forward to continuing to work with you.

eihbank Takes Advantages From Upswing in Foreign Trade Between EU Countries and Iran

Eurostat reports a 10 % increase in EU exports to Iran for the first 4 months of the current year. Imports to the EU even rose by 38 %. Germany was Iran’s most important trading partner in the EU, followed by Italy and the Netherlands. In 2022, eihbank is taking this positive development into account with the planned expansion of business relationships in Europe, especially on the Italian market.

eihbank Offers New Identification Method

We are delighted to announce that ‘VideoIdent Procedure’ service is now available at eihbank as part of our service to our customers in order to identify natural persons. This is a method of online identification via video chat, quickly, securely and conveniently. You can have yourself officially identified and all you need is your identity card / passport, a smartphone or tablet and a link that we will be happy to provide to you, if required. Then you may directly go online between am 8:00 and pm 10:00 CET. The identification process will be conducted either in German or in English language.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact: customacc@eihbank.de


Tehran / Kish

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